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Junior Cricket Equipment

Browse our range of affordable, pro-quality junior cricket equipment, including junior cricket bats, junior cricket batting gloves and junior cricket batting pads.

Junior Cricket Bats

As independent cricket bat makers, we offer high-quality Kashmir willow and English willow cricket bats for junior players at affordable prices.We offer three grades of English willow bats and one Kashmir willow cricket bat, designed and handcrafted with a mid-profile for a balanced pick-up. This profile is suitable for all junior players, including beginners.Our Junior Cricket Bats are available in Sizes H, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Junior Batting Gloves

Batting gloves are an essential component of the junior Batsman’s kit, and the feel, comfort and flexibility of the gloves will play a big part in your performance. This is why our gloves are designed to contour the shape of your hand to offer durable and comfortable protection.High Density foams are used to offer excellent shock absorption and protection from ball strikes, whilst a high-quality leather palm and outer-skin help improve your grip on the bat.

Junior Batting Pads

Our Junior Batting Pads are made using high-performance materials to improve shock absorption and greatly reduce the impact of ball strikes, whilst keeping the traditional pad look all junior batsmen’s love. Our Junior legguards are designed to offer maximum comfort, protection and flexibility.Stag Cricket offers different levels of protection, to suit all junior cricketers:
  • Our County Protection Rating is equivalent to a Level 3 protection, suitable for beginners up to an intermediate level.
  • Our Test / International Protection Rating is equivalent to the Level 5 protection used in First Class cricket. These gloves are suitable for pro and international players and will provide you the highest level of protection.
Youth and Junior sizes available.

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